How to travel in style

It’s our favourite time of year, and as we prepare for hot balmy summer nights under the stars and days spent on pristine tropical beaches, we at Fácil Blanco have compiled 9 tips to help you travel in style on your next adventure.

Fashion Must's for Travelling in Style

  1. Packing light can take a weight off of your shoulders when travelling. By packing garments that can be combined, mixed and matched to create numerous unique outfits, a little can go a long way. Carrying staple pieces, such as your favourite Fácil Blanco white linen shirts, trousers, skirts or dresses, as well as complimentary accessories means you can effortless jet your way around the world. May we suggest a stop in the beautiful UAE to experience the rolling sand dunes, marvellous architecture and out of this world scenery?

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  1. Know the climate. As a traveller, knowing whether your destination is going to give you a warm welcome or the cold shoulder is a must when planning your outfits. Hotter climates may call for natural fabrics, like linen, to help you stay cool whilst still looking crisp and stylish. Linen can also be layered beautifully when travelling to cooler regions.
  1. Comfort and style can go hand-in-hand when paired correctly. If you’re a traveller who loves to look good, but misses the comfort of home when flying, search out brands and style options that utilise natural, breathable fabrics. Our white linen fashion can go a long way when wanting to feel comfortable, whilst still looking great.
  1. Pick your shoes wisely. There is no greater comfort than finding the perfect shoe to suit your time flying or exploring a new destination. Ballet flats or stylish sneakers (yes, they do exist we promise) can help you endure long waits on your feet through customs, or assist in the dreaded run to the gate when your taxi takes a little bit too long. A gorgeous pair of heels or brogues can also bring your outfit to the next level when exploring stunning city streets by moonlight or checking out the trendiest new bar.
  1. Prioritise pieces you can wear in many different ways. With just one piece of Fácil Blanco linen, you can go for an urban look by pairing some denim shorts with a light shirt, perfect for exploring European sites during the day or pair the same light shirt with some linen trousers to give off a relaxed yet crisp look, ideal for an evening of wining and dining beachside. As other clothing falls in and out of fashion, all you need to do with your linen purchase is to accessories it. From different headwear to colourful jewellery, makeup or again, even your choice of footwear.
  1. The magic of all white outfits. The power of white as a staple in any wardrobe has and always will stand the test of time. What's better with only white designs, the wearer is encouraged to spend less time rifling through their closets and styling themselves and more time enjoying the settings they reside in – get out there and enjoy the paradise you have arrived in!

More Quick Tips for Enjoyable Travels

  1. Utilise the relaxing properties of skincare. Another handy hint for travelling in style, particularly on longer trips, is prepare to freshen-up on board. Carrying facial wipes can be just what you need for long-haul flights, or better yet, bring a face mask and let it work its magic while you jet set to your next location. Then reapply your make-up and you’ll be ready to dine-out or hit the shops as soon as you get off the plane, with perfect glowing skin.
  1. Immerse yourself in your favourite media content. Bringing your own entertainment can make the flight sail by. In addition to your laptop or tablet, we recommend noise cancelling headphones! Avoiding the noises of the cabin can create a relaxing and personal space and before you know it you’ll be disembarking and ready to start the holiday of your dreams.
  1. Get lost in the book you’ve been planning to read. Flying provides the perfect opportunity to catch-up on a faithful paperback novel, audiobook or podcast. Travelling to a new holiday location is obviously great fun, but immersing yourself in a new fantasy world completely is magical and a great way to relax and enjoy your time away in between adventures.

Your Best Travel Essential

We hope our tips will help you travel in style next time adventure calls. Be sure to take a look at our range of beautiful natural white linen, as purchasing some pieces of Fácil Blanco for your upcoming trip is always a good idea.

With every order, you will receive a carefully packaged Fácil Blanco bag, perfect for taking on your travels and the second you open this up you are transported to an exotic land as the scent of lemon grass fills the room. Should you crave another piece of Fácil Blanco on your travels? No problem, we ship internationally.

A piece of Fácil Blanco will become almost like a best friend, travelling with you to an array of countries and being there as you create some truly fantastic memories.

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