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White Linen Dress

Browse through our beautiful collection of stunning white linen dresses, elegant yet must be comfy, perfect for a chic lunch affair or a relaxed pool party. 

Did you know that wearing the color white inspires the feelings of optimism, confidence and simplicity and knowing this, as we do, our design team set about to seamslessly combine these special elements across our entire dress collection.

Our design pieces are light weight, delicate and breathable.  From the symplicity of our “Hana” dress with its flowing loose cut design or our seriously stunning "Marya" dress the most popular item in our collection- wearing this dress makes you feel like a magical goddess.  

The “Aya” dress is a loose cut midi dress with a round neckline, comfortable and flattering, with an asymmetric design and sleeves, this linen dress creates a classical silhouette. The “Jamyla” midi dress is a favorite pick with pleated hemlines and delicate little bows at the shoulders, combined with a colorful necklace and matching earrings, #prettylittlebows. 

Shop our collection, whatever the occasion, we have it covered. The most glamorous white dress collection tailored using the worlds most luxurious white Italian linen.  

The Fácil Blanco design

Each fashion piece in our collection is inspired by the way of life of Dubai. With over 220 nationalities living harmoniously together in this dynamic city, it was an important brief for the Facil Blanco design team to take elements of favorites from all cultures, and combine to make the Facil Blanco couture collection.

Dresses designed in Dubai

We chose to use only the most luxurious 100% Italian white linen for our collection. With our tailors based here in the UAE, we can oversee every item in the  production process.

Linen – You’re companion for the summer

Only the finest Italian linen is used for the  Fácil Blanco collection and the linen we have chosen is everlasting and best known for its strength and durability. Washing with soft water softens the material, and unlike many textiles, linen gets more comfortable and soft with age. In saying this, an item from the Facil Blanco collection can live on in your wardrobe, looking great now and will do for years to come.

What a lovely alternative to the fast-paced fashion world, where throwaway fashion pieces have become the norm. We pride ourselves on creating timeless fashion items that lasts throughout the years.

How to wear Linen

Pure white goes with any color right!, so go ahead, mix and match our garments with any of your favorite pieces or for a guaranteed stunning look, our simple white "Myriam'' sun dress will steal the stage. 


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