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Mens White Linen Shirt

Our white linen shirts are the essential garment for every man's wardrobe.

Nothing speaks more confidence than a classic white linen shirt, teamed with a linen jacket and trousers.

The Fácil Blanco design

Simple designs in pure white 100% Italian linen – this is the key characteristic of the Fácil Blanco range. Our collection is proudly designed and tailored in Dubai, each detail on every fashion piece is thoughtfully crafted and inspired by the lifestyle of our cosmopolitan city, Dubai. The beautiful sand dunes of the Arabian desert are the inspiration behind our signature embroidery as see on our “Danyel” shirt. Our collection is one of a kind, the only all white 100% white linen clothing brand.  

The global influence and cultures that shaped the cityscape of Dubai directly mirror throughout our exclusive designs, for example, the “Baha” shirt is drawn from Chinese tradition with a straight cut, characteristic mandarin buttons and pockets. The design of our “Amyn” shirt is based on the famous Guayabera from Cuba enormously popular in the Caribbean, four patch pockets combined with vertical rows are distinctive for this design.   

Linen – a green textile

Linen is one of the oldest textiles known to mankind and we at Fácil Blanco are proud to use only the best linen, which is produced in Italy. Starting basis for linen are flax plant fibres. In the process of making linen, every part of the flax plant is used which makes the production extremely eco-friendly. The flax plant grows even in poor soil and needs less water than other textiles, so wearing linen is overall, better for our environment. 


Our shipping is FREE and we deliver to over 220 countries. Also, if you change your mind or you’re not satisfied with the garment, you can return it free of cost within 5 days. Fácil Blanco processes and ships all orders 6 days a week – exceptions are Fridays and UAE Public Holidays. International orders will be delivered within maximum 4 working days. Unfortunately, any additional delays through customs in your country is not within our reach. For more details, see: