Mens Pants

Mens White Linen Pants

A must for every man, the perfect pair of white linen pants from Facil Blanco.

Ideal in the hottest climates and a great travel companion, our crisp and cool men's pants collection are designed to be lightweight and breathable, yet stylish and comfortable.

White is the ultimate choice of color for a summer sailing holiday and linen is the most desirable hot weather textile.

“Baky” pants

Off to the beach - Our cropped white linen Baky pants ideal for a beach day out, just relaxing in the sun, designed with comfy big pockets and are super easy to wear, thrown together with Amyn safari shirt and a hat , and you have got the look!

For Business the  “Caden” pants

The white linen “Caden” pants designed for a more formal yet fashionable day out or perfectly suitable for a business meeting. Either combine with one of our white linen shirts or a colorful Gucci shirt, sure to deliver a confident, polished and effortlessly comfortable solution.

“Sashy” yoga pants  

These loose cut yoga pants are simply our favorite choice for brunch with friends,  a day on the yatch as you sail around the harbour or even your next yoga workout - stylish, extremely comfortable and looking smart try combining with our “Hady” white linen shirt.    

Fácil Blanco – The Masters of Linen

Our promise to our customers is that we only use the finest 100% Italian linen. Linen is one of the oldest and most longest-lasting materials in the world, making it more environmentally sustainable plus, linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics in the world, making linen an Eco-Friendly choice of clothing. 

Did you know that linen only improves with age and gets smoother with every wash! That’s another reason why our garments are more sustainable than other fabrics. In today’s fashion world clothes are often fabricated only to last one summer, but our material and designs are timeless designed to be long lasting.

Classic Designs influenced by Dubai

The Fácil Blanco collection is inspired by the Emirate of Dubai. Our collection is proudly designed and tailored in our hometown.  A melting pot cultures Dubai represents the modern international world, and this is carefully reflected within our unique designs, especially selected to cater for cultures from all around the world. 


Our shipping is FREE and we deliver to over 220 countries. Also, if you change your mind or you’re not satisfied with the garment, you can return it free of cost within 5 days. Fácil Blanco processes and ships all orders 6 days a week – exceptions are Fridays and UAE Public Holidays. International orders will be delivered within maximum 4 working days. Unfortunately, any additional delays through customs in your country is not within our reach. For more details, see: