All White Weddings

There’s something incredibly beautiful and undeniably classic about all-white weddings. Whether it be at the beach or a chic modern venue, the romance and beauty of an all white wedding is timeless.

Why have an all white wedding?

All white weddings can be traditional as well as quite modern. Really, they’re versatile to match your own vision for your dream day. They are crisp, clean and pure, as well as soft, loving and effortlessly romantic – not to mention unbelievably stylish too.

They’re also anything but boring. Rather than focusing on colour palettes, with an all white wedding you look at the finer details, like rich textures and eye-catching finishes, because you’re still trying to create areas of interest even with white on white layering, for both your attire and the wedding décor. This is something that we at Fácil Blanco absolutely love; we treasure the fine, luxurious details.

On that same note, if you do want to use small bursts of colour for special pieces, such as the bride’s flowers, jewellery or table centrepieces, it’s easy to create contrast against the all white elements so no one will miss these beautiful, carefully selected details.

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Beach Weddings

As we’re all about travel and luxury destinations, you could probably guess that we’re massive fans of beach weddings too. Exchanging vows on a sandy beach, under bright blue skies listening to the waves then sipping cocktails poolside to celebrate sounds like an awfully superb time.

Our 100% Italian linen clothes also make the perfect attire for a special beachside occasion. The luxuriousness of the white linen fabric we use means our garments are elegant and formal enough for a wedding occasion, while still being more casual and cool chic than traditional wedding attire. Having your guests in all white too means that you’ll have fabulous wedding photos as well – everyone in complimentary palettes, contrasting against the extraordinary backdrop of waves behind you.

The other benefit of wearing Fácil Blanco to a beach wedding is that our linen will have you ready to take on the elements: the sun, sand, water and wind. Natural linen such as ours is lightweight, non-clingy, cool and comfortable for wearing outdoors. In fact, these are benefits of wearing Fácil Blanco to any wedding, whether it be all white, at the beach, or not.

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What to Wear to an All White Wedding 

Traditional Weddings

If you’re looking to wear linen to a traditional wedding, you will still need to be dressed more formal. This means long pants and a button-down shirt for men, and longer more elegant styles for women.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are generally a little less formal, so for ladies you can wear shorter cocktail dresses and men can venture into neat, cotton shirts rather than strictly button downs.

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Planning an all white or beach wedding?

We would love to hear from you if you’re planning an all white or beach wedding, and are here to assist you with any queries you may have about our 100% Italian linen garments proudly tailored here in Dubai. 

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