Linen is forever...

Linen has a long and historic place in history – not just in fashion either. Why? Because it’s extremely versatile and is harvested from the flax plant, known for its resilience.

Flax itself is a quite beautiful plant, but what makes it most incredible are the conditions in which it can grow. The Flax plant is robust against insects lessening the need for pesticides; can grow in poor soil and requires significantly less water to produce than cotton. All of these characteristics make Flax hardy, drought resistant and ultimately a superior eco-friendly resource.

Flax Plant - Facil Blanco

During the harvesting process that begins the transformation of turning Flax into linen, there are even more factors that make linen so sustainable. The stalk of the Flax plant is what is used to create the linen, but traditionally every part of the plant can be used to make worthwhile products. This means there is no waste and that the resources used to grow the crops end up generating more for less, with effective production costs too.

Similarly to the plant it is produced from, linen as a fabric itself is also naturally strong and very durable. When well cared for, linen can last for up to three decades – this is a lot of wear time! – plus did we mention that it only gets better with age? This means that your linen clothing is an investment that will increase in quality and you will fall in love with it more each and every time you wear it.

Fácil Blanco Eco Friendly Linen

In the end, linen is also fully biodegradable. This means from its beginnings as a plant right through its lifecycle to when it has been worn as a garment and treasured for the last time, it has always been an effective resource that is friendly to the earth. 

Here at Fácil Blanco, we’re very proud to be supporting sustainable practices. We chose specifically to produce our fashion collection using 100% Italian white linen over and above any other textiles for its long-term benefits to the earth and the soil, and hope that you can enjoy these fine qualities of our white linen clothing in addition to everyday functionality and style.

Fácil Blanco Sustainable White Linen

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