Meet our Head Designer Corinna and the New Collection

With our second collection launch just around the corner, we are exceptionally excited to introduce to you our Chief Garment Architect, Corinna, and let you know a little bit about her inspiration, experience and what you can look forward to seeing in the latest collection of Fácil Blanco designs...

Corinna for Fácil Blanco

Originally from the North of Germany, Corinna has since moved 20 times, in part to gain worldwide experience in the fine nuances of tailoring. Fácil Blanco being a global brand inspired by all the places and cultures around us, we love how Corinna's travels play a role in the look of our new collection.

She says, "My roots are in the world. I have dipped my toes in many fields and have acquired a solid foundation of business and an understanding of the world. My restlessness gave me the chance to meet the most inspiring people and see the most amazing places, which now make up my fabric."

Her love of creating has led Corinna to successfully complete courses of arts and design at London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martin’s, Bocconi and ESMOD Dubai. The feminine figures in her life have also been strong influencers and sources of learning and inspiration.

"The talented women of my family were always with me in the back of my mind. My grandmother taught me how to sew, my Godmother how to approach garment making and my mother instilled creativity in me. Continuing the heritage of their inspiration, I am now pursuing my love of designing. I have worked with designers in this region now for the last 5 years."

Fácil Blanco's second collection of white linen fashion

Our new Fácil Blanco collection will expand upon the success of our first. Again, we will use only the finest white Italian linen from Milan. Corinna noted that designing an entire collection without a focus on colour is like a clean sheet – the focus is on the silhouette, details and exquisite finishings. She loves the pureness of the material, its unique drape and its lightness without the loss of its luxury - and truly, so do we and our customers.

"I am inspired by the material and believe you need to let it speak to you. You have to understand what silhouettes you can achieve and what aesthetic your customer is looking for – I rely on my design knowledge on how to properly construct clothes. And then see where this takes me!"

Mediterranean sea and sky

Again, travel and cultures from around the world will be inspiration for our designs, specifically the perfection of wearing white linen under the Mediterranean sky.

"The inspiration for the new pieces comes from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. We are touching on French non-chalance, Italian chic, Spanish attitude and North-African silhouettes. Linen is the perfect material for warm climates."
The new collection also features more elements of pattern that we are very much looking forward to – like the beautiful embroidery found in the first collection. However, this time Corinna has played with the Mediterranean sky as inspiration.
There are other new and exciting elements we can expect to see in the latest collection as well, and Corinna has offered some styling tips for our wonderful followers waiting to get their hands on the garments.

"This time, we have expanded our successful dress and Kaftan pieces, easy to wear and always with attention to feminine details. But we have also ventured into offering pieces that take the Fácil Blanco woman from her resort destination into the city. Fácil Blanco pieces pair as well with bare feet as they do with heels. Whether you take the whole look to a beach wedding, add to a colourful piece and accessorise or dress down with denim – the possibilities are endless. When wearing Fácil Blanco, anything goes – lunching by the sea, summer-casual chic in a creative office, exploring a southern city or keeping it elegant on your discovery tour through tropical climates."

Mens White Linen Fashion

And as always, we at Fácil Blanco pride ourselves on working with eco friendly fabrics - and the new collection is no exception. Working with linen at Fácil Blanco, Corinna has said:

"I could write a whole essay on the eco factors of linen – this is my passion. Linen is inherently sustainable in the production of the plant, so much less need for water, herbicides and insecticides, – and so much more durable and easy to care for than cotton for example or certainly much friendlier to skin and the planet than petrol-based fibres. Humans have used flax for thousands of years and it is making a grand come-back for the right reasons."

Her vision is to always endeavour to create lasting designs, not fads, that people will want to buy and keep, made from sustainable materials and with eco-conscious production methods. We love that Corinna questions the way fashion can be made using considerate materials, either ethically sourced or creatively re-imagined, and is always mindful of the earth while never losing her sense of fun.

"Slowing down. That is the way I approach clothes. I think they deserve more than being thrown out after one season. I believe that over-consumption is one of the  main problems of our current society and fashion system."

Stay tuned for more on the launch of our second collection!

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