Dressing For Your Body Type

At Fácil Blanco we believe all bodies are beautiful and are proud to stock an inclusive size range of men’s and women’s clothing. From XS to XXL in men’s and XS to XXL in women’s we also offer a variety of styles, not only inspired by a melting pot of cultures from around the world but styles that can be suited to many different body types. 

The trick is knowing what styles of clothing work for you, and although this can sometimes be daunting, we are excited to share with you tips on choosing the right pieces to accentuate your best features. Linen is also a versatile, stunning fabric that always works in your favour when cared for properly by holding structure and sitting beautifully on the body. We are the Masters of Linen and this is our guide on dressing for your body type.

Women’s Clothing 

Pear Shape Bodies

If you have a pear shape body, your waist is normally wider than your bust, you have fuller hips and in comparison, narrower shoulders. Generally speaking, you’re going to look fabulous in clothes that elongate your body. A statement top that draws the eye upward or gives definition to your narrow waist and shoulders is a must-try. Add dramatic earrings or a statement necklace to your look for something extra special.

From the Fácil Blanco range, our top pick for you to try is our Marya dress which features a more fitted upper bodice, and a flowing lower half with a ruffled hem. It’s a beautiful, versatile dress and one of our best sellers for that exact reason.

Marya linen white dress

Womens white linen citywear

Hourglass Shape Bodies

If you have a more hourglass shape body, you’re often described as having a “curvier” body type. Your bust and hips are fuller and roughly even, and you have a smaller or well-defined waist. The key to accentuating your best features if you have an hourglass body is to wear garments that give extra definition to your waist and hug your silhouette.

If you have an hourglass body, we would highly recommend our Adela Top and Ashya Pants. The top is cinched at the waist to give you shape and get you noticed for all the right reasons and looks beautiful paired with the layers pants for an elegant all-white look. 

Aysha white linen pants

White linen womens outfit

Apple Shape Bodies

Apple shaped ladies generally have a well-proportioned body with shoulders broader than the hips. Your waistline is less defined, and hips aren’t as curvy. When it comes to styling, avoid structure around your waist and go for pieces that show off your arms or amazing legs.

Our Asma Kaftan is an excellent choice for most body types, but looks incredible on apple shaped bodies as the neckline accentuates your shoulders and the length is flattering while showing off your legs. It can also be styled as a top rather than a dress if you prefer to wear pants underneath.

Asma white linen kaftan

Womens white linen kaftan

Rectangular Shape Bodies

If this is you, you’re likely to have shoulders and hips that are similar in measurements and a waist that is more up and down. Rectangular body shapes have weight fairly evenly distributed throughout and aren’t overly curvy. The key to styling this body type is to balance your look with either an oversized top with a skinny bottom or vice versa. If your pant style is more loose fitting or breezy, pair it with a form-hugging top.

From the Fácil Blanco range, a great pair you could try are our Hala Top and Julya pants. The top is a loose blouse featuring a beautiful neckline, gathered details and frills. The pants are skinny leg and very chic, and together the garments create a stunning, effortless outfit.

White linen Hala top and Julya Pants

Men’s Clothing

Our men’s range offers a variety of looks, with some pieces more slim fit than others to suit a variety of body types. If you’re a man with an up and down body, opt for our more fitted garments such as our Anys Shirt tucked in with the Adnan Pants. If you carry more weight around your core, try our Amyn Shirt with details to elongate the body. Many body types also suit our relaxed fit Sashy Pants (these pants are also gender neutral, sporty and great for yoga!). 

mens white linen garments for all body types

Sashy white linen yoga pants

We hope you have found this guide helpful for dressing to your body type. Of course, no bodies are the same and we wouldn’t want them to be – our clothes are all about celebrating you, your lifestyle and making you feel your best. 

Please do not be afraid to reach out with any questions you have about our collection of white linen fashion, and as always, enjoy our free shipping and returns to 220 countries, so that you can order and try our luxury linen with peace of mind.

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