The Inspiration Behind our 2017 Collection

Simplicity, the colour white and our home town of Dubai have been the inspirations behind our new 2017 collection. 
We love the freedom, breathability and comfort that one can only experience when wearing soft, luxurious linen. The simplicity of a modern, yet timeless silhouette, highlighted by the clean, freshness of crisp white allows the wearer to feel stylish, comfortable and ready for anything that their day throws at them- we hope it's a few poolside beverages.
The beautiful, natural ripples in the sand dunes of the Dubai desert, as well as the unique and amazing city skyline, are reflected in some of our designs. With this delicate embroidery featuring on our pieces, it has allowed our designers to introduce a truly unique point of difference to our collection, whilst adding a layer of texture and interest- each piece tells a story. 

Our designs draw inspiration from international dress styles from around the globe. These global influences have been fused together to create this exclusive collection of all white linen designs that we know our customers will love. 

Owning your own piece of Fácil Blanco is like owning your own piece of Dubai; our unique and vibrant lifestyle, our global influence and our take on luxury linen- can be all yours. 

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