How to wear white with style

At Fácil Blanco, we believe that wearing white can bring you a sense of calm and relaxation. Similar to what is experienced when enjoying a resort holiday, fresh white linen provides you with those poolside, relaxed vibes, all-year round. 

How to wear white

We promise you that you will feel stylish and elegant, dressed in our crisp white linen pieces. White evokes feelings of fresh, clean and pure confidence, which is how one should feel on a special occasion, on holiday, or whilst at a special event. Below, we are sharing our favourite tips on dressing to impress in all white fashions. 

1. Keep it simple

Be sure to tone back your outfit, by keeping it simple with stylish, classic accessories. You want the white, linen textures to speak for themselves, so don't overdo it. 

2. Add a pop of colour

Whether it is your shoes, handbag or your lipstick, be sure to add a pop of colour to your all-white linen ensemble. Have fun with it, vibrant red lipstick will never go out of fashion.

3. Play with the silhouette  

With plenty of stunning, playful silhouettes available, try some options and find one that suits you. A silhouette should be flattering, eye-catching and beautiful, for the ladies, try our Adela Top, paired with our Aysha Pants for a unique, flattering look. For the gentlemen, try our Baha Shirt with our Adnan Shorts for tailored, masculine styling. 

4. Add a touch of texture

One of our favourite ways to wear white is to add interest with textures. Many of our pieces from our collection feature gorgeous embroidery and detailing, which is a beautiful compliment to our all white linen designs. 

You can also add subtle texture with some natural woven accessories, such as a beach bag, straw hat or espadrilles for a chic, daytime look. 

5. Wear it with confidence and a smile 

Perhaps the most important step to wearing white and really pulling your look off- confidence and a smile!

Image credits: Aeroplane by @rachelleinerphoto via Instagram, Burj Al Arab by @pyongsss via Instagram, White Sand by @thebeachpeople via Instagram, Rolls-Royce [unknown source] via Pinterest, and Cocktails by @stefaniaist via Instagram.

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