Mari in Egypt

As you have seen on my Instagram  account @marihenud, I was just in Egypt with the best companion, at the best resort, wearing the best clothes! I have been sharing with you my desire to reduce consumption and to invest in durable and high-quality items, statement pieces that would last years in my wardrobe. Although these pieces usually cost more than the average, they are much more sustainable.

Today, I am happy to introduce you to a brand that has its own personality, uses the finest material, is simple, comfortable and meant to last over the trends and the years. Fácil Blanco @facilblanco is an “all white 100% Italian Linen only” brand. They use one of the oldest and longest-lasting material, and their designs are fresh, flowy, and chic. Until today my mother has her linen pieces that she used to wear when she was my age, so you can understand that linen is the type of material that lasts through time. But to make a piece that is long-lasting you also must ensure that the design and the color will always be fashionable, and that is precisely what Fácil Blanco did. Their designs are simple, and they only produce it in white, women & men at any age can wear it and look incredibly elegant in their pieces.

As their pieces are incredibly comfortable and made for warmer climates, they were perfect to take with me during my trip to Egypt. I wore the two pieces I have in Hurghada, at the beach and I will be sharing the photos with you in two posts. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to visit the brand’s website to check their beautiful collection because they deliver worldwide!


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