White is the new black

The Fácil Blanco collection has been designed to outlast the seasons, with our design team creating timeless silhouettes that our customers love. The tailoring has been designed to be comfortable and flattering, all in the perfect color for any occasion... White. 

white is the new black

To complement these timeless designs, linen was, and always will be for Fácil Blanco, the obvious choice. Our mission is to bring our customers stunning designs, made from the finest 100% Italian linen- we are the true 'Masters of Linen'.

 Linen is everlasting... 

A piece from our collection is a long-term investment- linen only gets softer and better with age, meaning that your piece of Fácil Blanco isn't a throwaway, fast-fashion item, which, unfortunately, we see around so much in today's day and age. 

Always lightweight and breathable, linen is the perfect choice of fabric for a summer holiday- and nothing says a summer holiday like the color white. 

It will always be white... 

White is the new black! White can make you feel an instant lift of mood, transporting you to some far-away, tropical location. No other color can do what white can... It is the go-to shade for special events, parties, daytime casual wear and even dressed up at night, you can do no wrong. 

Join the movement online at Fácil Blanco now... 

Visit our online store to view our men's and women's collection, and enjoy complimentary express shipping, worldwide. To make your online shopping experience easier for you, we also offer free returns. 



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