What goes into a successful fashion shoot?

The fashion industry looks and feels glamorous- it is exciting, fast-paced and energetic. 

If you take a peek behind the curtain of a fashion brand, you will see that it takes a lot of hard work to achieve a beautiful visual aesthetic. To get a brand to look and feel the way it does in images is no accident. There is vision, thought and planning that goes into each and every detail. 

A monumental part of fashion and one of the most exciting aspects to work on is the photo shoot. For us, it is where the women's and men's clothing collection comes alive and our customers can visualise how our white linen Fácil Blanco pieces can fit into their lives and wardrobe, and the possibilities of where it can take them in future...

But what really goes into producing a photo shoot? We share our experiences in pulling together a successful shoot with you below...

1. It starts with a vision

The planning process always begins with a grand vision for how we want our collection to look and feel in photographs. We use mood boards and browse the internet and international fashion magazines for inspiration.

During these early stages, we also get real about our goals for the photo shoot and make sure our entire team are on the same page.

how to plan a successful photoshoot

2. Develop a brief

The brief is really important- we are getting all of our thoughts and objectives down for the photographer to work from. It is crucial that our photographer shares and clearly understands our vision for our linen label so that they can recreate it for us on the day.

3. Plan & prepare

There are so many elements to pull together for a shoot. Models, locations, accessories, hair & makeup, styling... The list goes on. 

We delegate tasks to our professional team who are as excited as we are to pull it all together. Collectively, the details all come together well ahead of the day- being organised is one of the keys to a successful shoot day.

how to pull together a successful photoshoot

4. Finer details

Location is everything for us- as an international brand, we feel that the best way of adapting the global feel is through our photo shoot locations. Once a location is locked in, it is time to create a shot list.

We list items that are needed on the day, such as steamers, irons, props etc. Outfits must be organised and styled ahead of the day, including accessories and footwear, so these are photographed and listed by our stylist.

During this exciting time, we also confirm our team including the photographer and models and all of the finer details with them, such as where to meet and specific call times.

5. On the day

Once the team, location, outfits and everything is locked in- it is time to bring it all together on the day and make some magic!

We always consider the energy that we bring to a shoot, knowing that it is a really busy day, we feel that it is important to have great energy and positivity- it's about having fun! This also means a better-finished result as it shines through in the images.

We make sure that our hair & makeup artists spend the day with us to perform touch-ups during the shoot.

For our most recent lifestyle shoot, where we worked on shooting Collection Two, we hired a Producer to help keep us on track, as we had 30 pics to take, we started at 5.30am on the beach in Dubai- it was definitely a big day!

Sunshine also helps- we were very lucky on our recent shoot to enjoy a couple of days with fabulous sunshine.

Having just wrapped up our lifestyle photo shoot for Collection Two, we are really excited to show off our latest photos with you- keep an eye out on your inbox and our social media for glimpses of the collection and for first news of when it will hit our boutique.

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