New collection just around the corner

Get ready to be transported to the magical Mediterranean with our new collection, inspired by the sea and stars; by our passion for slow fashion and our favourite sustainable material LINEN.

Beautiful Mediterranean Sea

Linen Forever

Expanding on the success of our current collection of beautiful white Italian couture, get ready to be inspired once again, with our next collection just around the corner. Stylish and comfortable designs are once again at the forefront of what we will deliver.

Fácil Blanco are proud ambassadors of linen; a sustainable textile breaking ranks with all other textiles to become the fabric of choice for those that choose to follow us in our quest to champion the Slow Fashion Movement.

Corinna, our “Chief Garment Architect” has superbly considered the construction and style of each and every new piece — check out some of the new looks below.

Her focus has been on beautiful silhouettes, small details and exquisite finishings, along with themes of travel and culture, particularly that of the Mediterranean sky and the perfection of wearing linen in such divine climates.  

Clothing Inspired by the Mediterranean

"The inspiration for the new pieces comes from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. We are touching on French non-chalance, Italian chic, Spanish attitude and North-African silhouettes. Linen is the perfect material for all climates."

Greece in the Mediterranean 

To celebrate the upcoming second collection, we are excited to share with you some small details from behind the scenes, to give you a glimpse of the new luxe pieces waiting to find their new home in your wardrobe. Stay tuned for the official launch date to be announced soon.

 Fácil Blanco New Collection Teaser

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