How to Style Your Beachwear 101

Insider’s Guide to the Best Beachwear: Linen Kaftans

Everyone loves beautiful sun-kissed days spent at the beach- and the one thing that can take your beachside fun to the next level is the perfect beachwear. So what makes the ultimate beach outfit?

Firstly, it is important that your clothes are tailored from light, breezy fabrics to ensure your comfort under the sun and on the sand. Natural fabrics that dry quickly are also beneficial for when you’re splashed by the waves or want to cover up straight after a dip in the water. Something you can wear over your swimwear will also protect you from too much UV exposure and lastly, you need a loose roomy-cut for ultimate relaxation!

Insider’s Guide to the Best Beachwear

With all of this in mind, there is no better garment for the beach than a linen kaftan. Our Asma Kaftan is divine in white linen with pleated details for a gorgeous, sultry summery luxe look. It has a beautiful loose fit that freely flows and looks wonderful on all body-types, transforming your silhouette. Our kaftan is also not a one-size-fits-all, unlike many other brands, meaning you can choose a fit you feel most comfortable in.

Fácil Blanco Linen Kaftan

All of our linen garments here at Fácil Blanco are extremely cool, quick drying and breathable – not to mention eco-friendly and luxurious - making them essentials for every woman’s travel bag and summer wardrobe. The Asma Kaftan in particular though is very versatile and can be styled beautifully in many ways, perfect for the beach- enjoy our “How to Style Your Beachwear 101” below!

Luxury linen kaftan

Styling Your Kaftan

Kaftans have been around since some of the oldest civilisations known to man and have been in style on and off ever since due to their practical benefits and ability to be styled with individual flair. The first step in styling your Kaftan for the beach, however, is pairing it with your favourite designer shades. Our Asma Kaftan being pure white in colour allows you to add pops of colour with your sunglasses, lipstick or other accessories.

Accessories for the beach

Jewellery is another way to add colour or added embellishment to our Asma Kaftan. We recommend a statement necklace, a chic watch, rings or even bracelets. Dress the look up for an evening beachside dinner with sleek earrings and wedge heels. Otherwise, relaxing on the sand in a kaftan also calls for bare feet or simple sandals paired with a floppy hat.

Finally, pick a handbag that helps balance the overall look you’re going for. As the Asma Kaftan has a flowing loose fit, we recommend a small bag or purse with some colour or summery patterns- or if you want to emphasise the uber-trendy & eco-friendly look, pair it with your favourite string bag or grass woven basket.

eco-friendly kaftan

You can shop our Asma Kaftan here with free shipping and returns to 220 countries, or read more about styling white linen fashion here

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